Fairly Competing

Episode 1: The Basics of Trade Secret Law

This episode is all about level setting: making sure everyone knows what a trade secret is, what you can and cannot do with trade secrets, where the greatest threats to trade secrets lie, how trade secrets are protected, and the laws that apply. 

Fairly Competing Episode 1

Fairly Competing Podcast

We are pleased to announce Fairly Competing — a show providing in-depth analysis of trade secret law and the law of noncompetes and other restrictive covenants for a broad audience. Whether you’re a business owner, CEO, in-house counsel, HR executive, or other employee, or a new lawyer or advanced practitioner, join your hosts, Ben Fink, John Marsh, and Russell Beck, for a discussion of the latest trends and hot topics, evolving federal and state laws, key developments, and other emerging issues in trade secrets, noncompetes, and employee mobility in today’s knowledge economy.

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