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Exploring the FTC’s Proposed Ban on Noncompetes (Fairly Competing, Episode 20)

The FTC just proposed a ban on noncompetes with virtually no exceptions. And, they have placed nondisclosure agreements and other restrictive covenants squarely in the crosshairs.

Join John, Ben, and Russell as they take a look at the FTC’s proposed ban on noncompetes, how we got here, what the proposed rule would do and when, the potential practical and legal problems with it, the opportunity to provide comments to the FTC about it, what employers should do in the interim to protect their trade secrets and customer goodwill, and predictions on where this all goes.

So, come join us on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Or, if you’re just looking for the feed, it’s here: Fairly Competing RSS feed.

Fairly Competing, Episode 20: Exploring the FTC’s Proposed Ban on Noncompetes